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Nelly 2: Episode1

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Go on an adventure in a magical forest, solving puzzles and making new friends. In this cute game, you will use the arrow keys to move around, the space bar to interact with things and the Z key to transform your surroundings. Come and explore this magical game!

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Rocket Pets

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Blast cute animals out of a cannon and send them on a wild, jet pack fueled, coin collecting ramapage! Did you get all that? Click to open up the cannon, click again when the power indicator is at its maximum and then click (or press the space bar) to fire the jet pack, collecting as […]

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Defend the Blue Jelly Kingdom against the invading Red Jelly Kingdom. Capture enemy buildings, create super weapons and hold defensive forts! Use your mouse to play, sending Blue Jellies to capture enemy camps and upgrade your own buildings. It is a little bit of strategy and a whole lot of fun!

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Crazy Croquet

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This is an Alice in Wonderland croquet game that is tons of fun to play. Use your mouse to aim and choose the force, then click to take a swing with your flamingo. The Cheshire Cat will pop in with advice for levels, so pay attention to what he has to show you. Now, have […]

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Jack’s Challenge

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Jack’s Challenge is to climb the beanstalk. Do you think you can help him get to the top? Use your left and right arrow keys to bounce Jack from leaf to leaf, collecting beans and avoiding the obstacles that will send him crashing back to the ground.

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In this magical world, help an orange circle and a blue square solve puzzles and get to the exit. The orange circle can jump and move by herself, push the blue square to help her reach high up places or squish together with the blue square to become a big green circle. Combine their different […]

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Fairy Cafe

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At the Fairy Cafe there is never a dull moment. Fairies from all over the kingdom come for tasty drinks and delicious sweets. Serve the fairies as best you can to earn money and upgrade the cafe. Click and drag to seat a customer then click on them to get their order. Collect your money […]

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Here is a match three puzzle game full of fun fairy magic. Move colored blocks around the game board in order to blow up crates and clear a path to the exit. New blocks are continually being created, so you will have to keep their numbers under control as you play. Click to pick up […]

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Adorable Baby Fairy

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This adorable baby fairy flies out into the nature for the first time! She is so curious about everything. The blossoms, the trees, and the butterflies. Please dress her up by changing her hair styles, facial expressions, clothes and wings. Enjoy!

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Fairy Nook

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Create matches to help Mathin the Rabbit navigate a fairy tale world and find his way to his friends. Power up spells and then unleash them on the game board with a tap of your wand to help Mathin past tricky areas. Use the mouse to swap items and create matches.

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